Fun drawing.

When I discovered drawing it gave me a new outlet of communication. I enjoy creating memorable moments with my artwork. All my work is meant to connect with the audience in an engaging way. I want the viewer to feel something; laughter, hope, inspiration, adoration, comfort. I enjoy giving my clients an opportunity to communicate in the same way to their audience. Whether it be illustrating your story, advertising your product, or even just saying thank you to a loved one, artwork can make your voice louder than sound alone can carry.

My Story


I have done artwork for a diverse range of clients, both personal and professional. I illustrated children's books, designed t-shirts and company logos, and sold drawings and paintings both commissioned and original. I have been a professional caricature artist since 2010 working in both a theme park environment and private events. I have built a network of happy customers who continue to rehire me, and refer their friends to me. My next artistic achievement is to make a happy customer out of you.